The scheme has the following objectives:

Why model school?
• To have at least one good quality senior secondary school in every block.
• To have a pace setting role
• To try out innovative curriculum and pedagogy
• To be a model in infrastructure, curriculum, evaluation and school governance

Features of School

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified School

Affiliated To CBSE

ICT Computer Lab

English Language Lab

Spoken English & Conversation

Science Lab


Play Ground

Top Class Senior Secondary School Education

Secondary Education is a crucial stage in the educational hierarchy as it prepares the students for higher education and also for the world of work. With the liberalization and globalization of the Indian economy, the rapid changes witnessed in scientific and technological world and the general need to improve the quality of life and to reduce poverty, it is essential that school leavers acquire a higher level of knowledge and skills than what they are provided in the 8 years of elementary education, particularly when the average earning of a secondary school certificate holder is significantly higher than that of a person who has studied only up to class VIII. It is also necessary that besides general education up to secondary level, opportunities for improvement of vocational knowledge and skill should be provided at the higher secondary level to enable some students to be employable.

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